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Womens Wellness

Our Girlfriend's Retreat Program will be on offer from November 2021. Stay tuned!

The Retreat for Women who want expert knowledge on how to live their best life.


As women, we’re often putting others needs first and constantly doing our best to cope – even the most ‘together’ female has found the pandemic a challenge! The Girlfriend’s Retreat will allow you to come away with practical tools and techniques to connect with your inner self, calm that monkey mind, nourish your body, and feel revitalised and inspired to make positive changes. We want you to remember who you essentially are and who you want to be moving forward!


The Girlfriend’s Retreat is not simply a getaway with your girlfriends, it’s a unique opportunity to learn new ways to improve your holistic wellbeing, self-confidence and get clear about what’s really important in your life.


Your special time at Bluestone Estate should help you to feel relaxed, refreshed and inspired, while creating cherished memories with your close friends. You will leave with a clear vision and focus on becoming your best self along with the support and power of deep friendships.


But it doesn’t have to be solely about health and wellness. Real-life is a balance of self-care, fun and frivolity, so we understand if you want to throw a little indulgence in there too!

The Girlfriends’ Retreat is for you if:

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and in need of a life-reset
  • You’ve missed quality time and the support of your girlfriends
  • Your life balance is out the window and you’re unable to switch off
  • You never invest time in yourself but you know you need to
  • You want to learn new ways to nourish your mind in a holistic way

The Retreat provides the opportunity for you and your friends to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself and your strengths
  • Identify why things are the way they are
  • Learn how life can be better
  • Know everything you need for your own self care
  • Learn and grow together through fantastic activities
  • Create special life memories in Bluestone’s beautiful natural surroundings
  • Leave with a clear plan to create a more joyful life with the active support of your girlfriends

Retreat highlights:

  • Discover new skills for emotional wellness through consultation and practices
  • Calm your busy mind with practical mindfulness techniques
  • Reconnect with joy with the special women in your life.
  • Connect to your inner self by learning or expanding on a meditation practice
  • Release stress and develop life-long coping strategies
  • Learn about mood-improving food and enjoy seasonal delights
  • Learn how to manage time better and develop a daily self-care routine
  • Enjoy blissful massages
  • Stretch tired limbs and begin to feel nimble again through yoga classes
  • Discover the stunning beauty of Matakana 
  • Visit local wineries and enjoy a tipple or two
  • Relax with your girlfriends by a crystal-clear infinity pool

You will leave Bluestone Retreat feeling:

  • Revived, healthier, and joyful; you’ve taken valued time for yourself, you’ve reconnected with that wonderful female energy, and you feel ready to face the world with a fresh perspective!
  • Equipped for life with your own Bluestone Retreat box, full of life lessons and practical tools to help you in daily life

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